I didnt make this picture. Im using it because I think its part of a media pack by Squad and therefore fine to use. Am I wrong? Do you know who did? Please let me know! this one too!


Mun16712 m/s6502 m/s5862 m/s
Minmus26642 m/s6562 m/s6322 m/s
Moho305882 m/s3682 m/s2282 m/s
Eve426532 m/s5222 m/s-6778 m/s
Gilly433572 m/s3362 m/s3327 m/s
Duna756502 m/s6132 m/s4752 m/s
Ike765862 m/s5752 m/s5217 m/s
Dres1506262 m/s5462 m/s4907 m/s
Jool2805647 m/s3017 m/s-96982 m/s
Pol281517 m/s-383 m/s-563 m/s
Bop281587 m/s-363 m/s-639 m/s
Tylo281827 m/s-113 m/s-3183 m/s
Vall2811047 m/s257 m/s-923 m/s
Laythe2811417 m/s637 m/s-2163 m/s
Eeloo2965462 m/s3362 m/s2522 m/s
  • [1] This figure is the difference between that delta-v required, and that available. Try to make it as close to 0 as possible if you want to justify your expenditure to the alread-quite-annoyed Kerbal tax-payers.
  • [2] If the body (or its parent body) has an an atmosphere, we've tacked on the possiblity to aerobrake for orbiting and landing. Except we've just set it at a leeway of 200m/s, because Bill borrowed our calculator just before he got in the... oh.
  • [3] We've assumed you're going to make a stable orbit around a parent body before transfering to a moon, because were all about safety here at KSP Mission Control.